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Your Own Wedding Arbor Design – Your Love Story

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Create Your Own Wedding Arbor Create a truly unique wedding arbor, chuppah or mandap that is right for you. Your wedding day, there are so few days that are as sentimental or more beautiful than your wedding day. A timber frame arbor creates an impactful and elegant composition creating an obvious focal point for the bride and groom. The solid wood timbers are extremely easy and fun to adhere and attach with wedding decor. Douglas-Fir ShadeScape® Wedding Arbor w/Natural Finish Timber frame ShadeScape® wedding arbors, gazebos, pavilions, and pergolas are impressive architectural masterpieces enjoyed long after the ceremonies are over. ShadeScape® wedding arbors are timeless by design and will last for generations. Enjoy For Years To Come In all reality, your future great-great-grandchildren could be married beneath [...]

Photos & Valentines – Engaging With Those You Love

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Valentines is a perfect reason to engage in the here and now with those you love. Fully focused in the current moment is easy. If your mind feels burned out — your attention is drawn away by a Smartphone or anxieties — it is time to recapture your mental focus. Spending time in an outdoor environment with those you love in the beauty of nature will give your mind a rest. Many of our ShadeScape® families have told us they experience renewed and quickened strength, and more enlivened and animated in their body and mind.  One wife reported to us that her husband so extremely happy at havein lost a lot of weight. He attributed it to his ShadeScape® backyard retreat making it easier for him to step out to every day. Valentines [...]

17 Patio Pleasures ‘n Backyard Fun

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Parlor or porch activités brought family and guests together often requiring no more than a sense of humor, pen, and paper. The American porch for over a century was a way to get outdoors, relax, socialize and breathe in the fresh air. It was a way to engage conversation, do something new and have fun. It is incredible how much a quick walk in the outdoors can do to uplift the soul. Bringing family and friends together in the backyard or out on the patio is a great way to spend quality time together. With activities and games, they will want to come back again and again. Here are just a few patio and backyard pastime ideas to refreshen your mind and get started on livening up time with those you love. Barbecue and eating outdoors is an all-time favorite for many American [...]

Warm Up Winter Party w/Spicy Lemon Drink

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Outdoor Winter Party Ideas This is a subtle flavor, that isn’t sweet like restaurant lemonade. There is little sweetness but it is amazingly refreshing and it feels so healing. Instead of warming up your winter party with traditional cold weather beverages such as hot chocolate or coffee, try this nutritious lemon infusion.  Infusions are also a pleasant change from sodas, juices, and bottled waters. This is not only a great recipe for warming up the body but it has Tumeric with its vast healing properties. Spicy Lemon Infusio 3 cups boiling water Juice of 1 fresh squeezed lemon 1/2 teaspoon Tumeric powder 1/8 of teaspoon of sea salt 1/8 of teaspoon of red chili powder 1/8 of teaspoon of raw cane sugar or preferred sweetener Serves 2 For a flavorful twist use a lime in place of the lemon; it is wonderful, too. It [...]