Install Easy Deck – NO Tearing Up the Yard – No Wait Dry Time

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Plan on Building a Deck or Landing? You can also build a deck yourself or have it done for you without all the mess of standard construction projects. For many years, Western Timber Frame™ has designed and pre-fabricated outdoor living shelters, decks, dry space, landings, steps, and railings. We design a quality product that is heavy-duty, and easier to keep cleanliness on all of our project sites. However, the conventional processes of anchoring a deck when you have to pour concrete can somewhat messy, sometimes tearing up the yard. Most of all it takes time to dry. It does not have to be that hard. At Western Timber Frame® we like the whole process from start to finish to be a clean, happy, experience for our ShadeScape® families. With our anchoring process, you don't have [...]