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Highlighted today, is a précis of 27 features and benefits that will serve you best in doing a ShadeScape™ pergola.

ShadeScape™ shelters come in a variety of timber frame products, such as Pergolas, Pavilions, Arbors, Gazebos, Timber Exteriors, and so much more. Each ShadeScape™ comes with easy interlocking joints that are ready to drop into place, somewhat similar to the toy “Lincoln Logs” we played with as kids.

Kits Manufactured to Your Specs

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Western Timber Frame™ is different; we do not fit you with a pre-made, cookie cutter kit. These are not kits that you can buy in your average big box store. All of our kits are custom built to match your requirements and to fit your backyard. We call our pergolas and pavilions a kit because we ship them to your door ready to assemble. However, due to the heavy timbers, and their custom nature your Structure will not look like a typical kit. Your pergola will be an outstanding handcrafted room in your backyard. Building a Project with Western Timber Frame™ is a simple process you can do inperson, over the phone, or via email.

FREE Curbside Delivery

From backyards to island resorts our kits include a hasslefree delivery right to your front door.

before after timber frame pergola over patio

Before and After

Dedicated Timberwrights

Our Timberwright Craftsmen do all the hard work with you in mind.

Pre-Marked Shade Plank Guides

Shadeplank guides for ease of installation.

Slotted Drop-In Rafter Layout

slotted beam pergola

There are two main benefits of the drop-in rafter layout. The first is ease of installation. Because the timber beam that supports the rafters is already marked and slotted, you do not have to measure anything or try to figure the proper spacing of your rafters.

Pre-Fit – Every Single Piece

Timber frame pavilion in shop assemble

We pre-fit your kit to make sure that your installation is easy and flawless.

Pre-Cut – Every Part

All of our Kits are delivered ready to assemble with all parts pre-cut, drilled and notched with roof layout.

cutting the timber

Pre-Stained – Every Part

All of our Kits are delivered prestained with two coats of premium grade UV-rated exterior semi-transparent stain, which makes installation even faster, more convenient and ensures high quality!

alpine shadescape pergola kit

Pre-Drilled Lag Holes

shadescape pavilion hot tub

All of our Kits are delivered with pre-drilled holes for lags and bolts.


Dedicated Design Manager

Dedicated design manager

Your Design Manager is a liaison to represent your project goals to our Architects and Timberwright Craftsmen. Most importantly, the Design Manager focuses on designing to fit your lifestyle. We want your outdoor living space to be beautiful. We do this through a tailored approach, to guarantee a perfect fit.

Your Design Manager will make sure that your project is a Success

• He will help you measure and choose the right size for your yard.
• You will see what you’re getting, with free 3D Renderings & Design.
• Get easy HOA and engineering approval, when our experts help you.
• We work with your subcontractors, to get your project done on time.
• Your Designer make sure that your project stays within your budget.

Our Design Managers specialize in innovative shade solutions for virtually any outdoor commercial use including bus stops, park pavilions, playgrounds, reception centers, kiosks, dining areas, and much more.

shade pergola kit

120 MPH Engineered Wind Rating

“Are you kidding this Pergola has already been through its first hurricane, Irma. She stood tall and proud and never wavered… Our pergola from Western Timber Frame is second to none, it has already been through it’s first Hurricane, Irma and stood tall and strong providing shade after loosing trees around it.” – Cindy Baker, Florida

Wind speeds differ for all topographical regions as do the building codes for every public and private building. For example, in Southern Florida, in 2012, after Hurricane Andrew an immediate change was made in the building code standards by adopting the American Society of Civil Engineers’ standards with a Product Evaluation Approval Program of architectural, structural and mechanical engineers. Because of its high-velocity hurricane zones, it eliminates all construction of stud framed houses in that region.

Western Timber Frame™ outdoor timber frame pavilions and pergolas exceeds these highest building code standards in the Nation and installs timber frame pavilion and/or pergola kits in the regions of Southern Florida. Learn more here.

3D Rendering of Project


Your Design Manager will work with our team of in-house Architects to create a 3D rendering of your outdoor living space.

We offer this as part of every purchase so that before we build your kit, you can see a 3D rendering of your project.

The rendering is just one of the ways we help you create a beautiful and functional outdoor living space, rather than just toss up a low-quality pergola kit. There are Landscaping Firms that charge hundreds, or even thousands of dollars just for the service and time of creating a visual 3D representation of your project. We ordinarily do not charge for this service (some intricate designs sometimes do require a charge, but this is the exception).

Incredible Strength – Hang Swings & More

bench swing arbor pergola
custom-timber-frame-swing arbor
suspended bed pergola kit

Superb Customer Experience

My experience ordering a pavilion from Western Timber Frame. By Todd Fratzel, Home Construction and Improvement

install timber frame pavilion kit for shade

HOA Approval Guarantee

We will help you get quick HOA approval with our streamlined HOA approval process. We have a predefined template and specification guide that will make it easy for your city to give its stamp of approval.

Permit Approval Experts

We will help you work through local building codes and engineering. It doesn’t matter where you live; your Design Manager is there to assist you past any hurdles. We will help you get your project approved. It will be easier than you might think.

With up to a 120 mph wind ratings, and a tremendous snow load capacity, you can rest easy under a kit that will last for years to come. With superior construction techniques, properly engineered designs, and expert craftsmanship; a timber frame structure can be expected to last a lifetime. Our 15-25 year warranty protects all ShadeScape™ Series timber structures.

cantilever roof timber frame pergola kit

Patented Dovetail Design

The Dovetail Difference™ is an unprecedented masterpiece of architectural engineering. A simple, yet strong design, The Dovetail Difference™, provides greater stability and heavier load capacities, allowing the timbers to perform as nature intended. A building is considered to be solid, immobile structure, yet we live in an environment of perpetual motion, micro-seismic waves up and down as well as side-to-side. As the inherent characteristic of wood expands and contracts, the joints of The Dovetail Difference™ remains steadfast, tight, secure, and stronger throughout the years.

Perfect Light To Shade Ratio (85%)

Wood has its built-in natural thermostat. Just like a tree, the larger the dimensional scale of the wood the better it can regulate a thermal equilibrium for an amelioration of temperature. This perfect balance of comfort is found timber and not in any other alternative shade material.

Western Timber Frame™ standard shade planks layout ensures that your pergola has at least an 85% shade coefficient; the perfect sunlight to shade ratio for human comfort; the equivalence of a good shade tree.

With a ShadeScape™ DIY pergola kit, you could have a perfect party yard installed in as little as one afternoon. If you are more of an introvert it can also be a private paradise.

Attention to the Small Details

Our Timberwright Craftsmen take great pride in their attention to the small details. For example:

¼” Round on Exposed Edges

corner notch pergola

We smooth all exposed edges on our heavy timbers with a ¼” round. The rounded edge allows the timbers to retain their rough appearance, with a touch of refinement.

Closer Spaced Shade-Planks

hot tub pergola

Our top “shade-planks” are spaced closer together when compared to other pergolas offering additional shade and a unique look.

True to Size

Shop pavilion

We use true to size rough-sawn timber for all components rather than standard smaller ‘dimensional’ lumber.

Taller and Wider

double tiered oriental pergola swing

We also use taller and wider rafters on our double tier roof as compared to what you will find elsewhere.

double tier pergola arched

Detailed Assembly Instructions

We make installation simple. We test fit every single piece before we ship it to you to ensure that your installation will be easy and fun. With very little carpentry skills, a few basic tools, and the help of a friend or two, you can install your Timber Pergola in one afternoon. Your kit will be numbered/lettered with detailed instructions for a fast and easy assembly. The joints will have a clean, tight joint finish without the view of unsightly hardware. All our pergola kit parts are pre-cut, pre-drilled, and pre-notched with easy interlocking corners and drop-in rafter layouts.

We provide instructions in our installation manual as well as technical support from one of our installers at your request. Our support team is available during the week to answer any questions you have via phone or email.

“We researched quite a few sites and talked to many people before investing in a Western Timber Frame pergola. What sold us was the dove tails! The ordering process was quite simple. It arrived in a nice bundle. We were able to put up our Western Timber Frame pergola with only 3 of us. It was amazingly simple.”
Teri Mullins, Kentucky

pergola kit uninstalled
setting out kit

Virtually Eliminate Unsightly Brackets

pavilion roof with outdoor lights

The dovetail mortise and tenon gives the timber the ability to expand and contract while remaining tight, minimizing gap exposure, reducing twisting and warping. The patent-pending The Dovetail Difference™ also eliminates virtually all exposed hardware, bolts, screws, hangers or other mechanical fasteners unless they are decorative in nature.

Long Structural Spans

timber frame pergola kit

If you want a kit with a 30′ beam span, we can do that. We build a tremendous variety of kits. ShadeScape™ Kit sizes range from 8′ x 8′ up to 20′ x 20′ or more! Your timber kit can be square, a rectangle, or even round.

500% Greater Load Capacity

The patent pending design The Dovetail Difference™, the massive mortise and tenon dovetail joint system throughout our timber construction process creates very strong, rigid joints. On the test pictured this joint here didn’t give until it reached over 11,000 lbs.! Third-party independent testing proved The Dovetail Difference™ has 500% greater load and joint capacity than conventional timber frame joint systems.

the dovetail difference test 11000 lbs

Dreams Brought to Reality

Sandy Hewlett: We had sun sails and and strung lights and had three wind storms, and they came crashing down, and my husband rolled them up and said okay “I’m done.” We called Western Timber and had one of their salesmen come out and give us a bid and worked with us for a design and it came out exactly how I wanted, even better than what we had planned.

pergola testimonial

Hewy Hewlett: We absolutely love it.

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide