christmas pergola kitchen tv

When Mom said to go outside while it was nice, who would have thought we could take the TV outside with us? Outdoor living really adds to family fun. Here are pictures sent to use from 9 of our clients outdoor family living areas featuring an outdoor TV or theater screen.

Tip: There is a lot more sunlight in the outdoors than there is in the living room and glare can be problematic. For viewing, position the television so that the sun is behind you. It works best so the sunset will not be shining in your eyes. Providing some shade to keep the glare off the screen will also make viewing more pleasurable and comfortable.

Outdoor TV kitchen pergola people
outdor kitchen tv pergola
timber frame arbor outdoor tv
timber frame arbor outdoot tv
arbor with outdoor tv
remote control outdoor tv pergola
outdoor tv in a poolside pergola
gazebo with outdoor television
gazebo outdoor tv football party
timber frame gazebo outdoor tv
Outdoor TV fireplace pavilion
timber frame pavilion outdoor television

Megan Harbertson Testimonial Pic

“We could go interview all of our neighbors they could tell you that the Harbertsons were out here all summer long using this pavilion. I mean, we already used our backyard a lot. But this just doubled our usage. And it is great, you want kids here. You want to use your stuff. So it really helped extend the use of our backyard, and make it more functional. Even during the day, I could come sit out here by the pool and watch the kids swim and not be baked by the sun.” – Megan Harbertson – UT

pavilion outdoor television
 shadescape outdoor theater screen
fireplace pergola shade
tv fireplace pergola
outdoor tv fireplace pergola
timber frame pergola over deck

14′ x 16′ ShadeScape™ timber frame pergola with a footprint (post-to-post) of 12′ x 14′ over the backyard deck provide a great way to host family theater parties.

pergola movie children

Home theater from a screen hung from a pergola over the back deck makes a wonderful movie night for the kids.

From a small TV for everyday family time together to a collapsible screen for larger crowds or inflatable air screens that can size up to 40 feet wide, entertainment in the outdoors offers a wonderful stress-free environment. Outdoor television has come a long way and is a great way to enhance an outdoor living experience.

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